My bucket list is an ever expanding monster that grows with every trip. I’ve been completely obsessed with documenting my experiences with travel since I first laid foot on foreign soil at the tender age of nine. Moments of true bliss typically occur while I’m traveling, whether conversing with a sadhu or belting out “99 Luftballoons” in a singing room packed with Koreans, I am at peace - my chi nice and centered. Connecting with humans from other parts of the globe is the greatest education available, and it is accessible for the price of a plane ticket.

I’m Colin Roohan, a travel photographer interested in documenting experiences with culture and life. In addition to achieving publication in magazines and papers worldwide [AFAR, Travel + Leisure, The Royal Geographical Society’s Hidden Journeys, and Groove  Magazine, amongst others], I capture portraits and document events around Southern California. I’ve recently been listed 17th on Complex  magazine’s “The 25 Greatest Travel Photographers Right Now” list, an honor that is both humbling and exciting.